Monday, 24 September 2012

my white powder dreams...

...when Gil Scott-Heron meets Esther Philips.

home is where I live inside my white powder dreams
home was once an empty vacuum that's filled now with my silent screams
home is where the needle marks
try to heal my broken heart

the way you carry yourself

Please meet the directors of the video AG Rojas and Jamie-James Medina.

I know you've been hurt by someone else 
I can tell by the way you carry yourself

Sunday, 23 September 2012

shadow kissing

There's nothing more relaxing (and neurotic ;)) than reorganising your CDs, enjoying new stereo and listening to some tropical sounds while it's raining outside.

Thursday, 20 September 2012

who's this inside of me

Even Thursday can have a false start. But you can always restart a day whenever you want. Regardless the time. Today my Thursday starts after 11pm. I sense it's going to be a good one with Martin de Thurah delivering another good visual. Plus St. Vincent and David Byrne (they both know how all this works and additionally Byrne puts it into a book). What else we can ask for? Divine. Good. Vibes. Good. Day.

who’s this?! inside of me
who made a big mistake
who sees these constellations
seen in those spinning round

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

there are ways to flirt

If they use words like moral and trust and values, use those words too. Oh my, this is just hilarious! Brilliant! A documentary song about flirting. Who else could come up with such an idea: our favourite band. Summer Camp, obviously. Read more about the Short Cuts BBC series. And remember: First of all, smile. When you start to smile at somebody, they automatically smile back. It kind of works, doesn't it?

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

classic and timeless

She is... an inspiration. (...) some 40 years from now somebody is going to discover Amy Winehouse song and the lyric and be inspired by it.

Monday, 17 September 2012

santa claus

I couldn't stop laughing today. Plus I saw a Santa Claus in a bus. Monday. Surreal. SSION.

The video was directed by Cody Critcheloe (SSION) himself and Christopher Good. Read more here.

it’s feels like and earthquake, and earthquake
a heartbreak

I don’t know how to say to you
“It’s too late”
we can fake all this damage we have done
I can shake; I won’t take all this damage I have won

Sunday, 16 September 2012

always there to remind me

So the world’s first colour motion picture was filmed in 1902 as I found out today through Explore. I sincerely thank Edward Raymond Turner for the three-colour motion picture system and I suppose I'm not the only one. I run across many great visual discoveries during this weekend among them works of Imogen Prado which I am very happy to share. Blurred. Misty. Vapory. Wonderful. Enjoy.

"My style of editing, using an array of my own stock footage of anything from plastic glitter spiders to trains and roses, worked well visually with the song. I love playing with different mediums of footage, especially Super 8, because of the wonderful grain and the fantastic colors. It was easy to synthesize my visual aesthetic of swirling colors with footage I took of Sharin and Sune." 

Read more on The Raveonettes' new song and their co-operation with Imogen Prado here.

you are always there to remind me (...)
I'm the enemy

a good (and awesome) song from Blind Architect

I like to be surprised like this: a surprise visit from an old friend and a new tune from Blind Architect. Perfect Sunday. A new week can start now.

good good vibes!

...cause I feel good, very nice. Cause I got good good good vibes. Yellow yellow morning vibes! I declare this the official good vibes hymn. The one and only. And I guess we all agree that Sara Tavares should give a good vibes course to all bus drivers in the world :) Bom. Dia.

Please meet the director of the video Ricardo Oliveira Alves.

Saturday, 15 September 2012

some people like their oysters raw

It was a typical wet and windy London Winter's day made for staying indoors but Darius and Oshan, with Matt and Joe, were eager to busk for the crowds at Columbia Road Flower Market. Escaping the rain, after some cheeky negotiating with the owner, the guys performed in a tiny nook of a market stall Oyster Bar for customers and passers by. Read more on the The Turbans' session here

Some people like their oysters raw; and for them your job is easiest, for you have merely to pick out a dozen natives from the barrel, swill the brine from them, and place them, with a piece of parsley or cress, upon a plate. But for those who took their oysters stewed, or fried - or baked, or scalloped, or put in a pie - my labours were more delicate. Then I must open each oyster, and beard it, and transfer it to Mother's cooking-pot with all of its savoury flesh intact, and none of its liquor spilled or tainted. Sarah Waters, Tipping the Velvet

free, fresh wind

I woke up starving. Starving! And now I'm devouring the blue blue sky pouring through my windows. Good. Vibes. Good. Morning.

I never bother with people I hate (...)
she likes the green green grass grass under her shoes

Friday, 14 September 2012

gangster time

I sensed some conspiracy in the air today. Or perhaps I just was in some state of delirium seeing sun where there were grey clouds only. Gangster time. That's what it is.

Why must you record my phone calls? (...)
can't interrupt while I'm talking
or they'll confiscate all your guitars
and catch 22 says if I sing the truth
they won't make me an overnight star

Sunday, 9 September 2012

when I see paintings...

When I hear music I see images and when I see paintings I hear music. Anna Calvi.

Olin aina uskonut, että merihätä oli joku kaukaisten, parempien ihmisten huoli. Nyt se tuli minun kohdalleni enkä osannut tarttua siihen yhtä väkevästi kuin se näytti tarttuneen minuun. Vaikka märssykori olikin lempisanani, en ollut sellaiseen koskaan kiivennyt.  Hannu Väisänen, Toiset kengät

indian summer

Indian summer might have actually been the case today. The warmth of the day was not the one of  the autumn season. Thanks to good people around. Spirit uplifted. Treasures found. Read more about the the Canon Blue project here and enjoy again the artwork by Hvass and Hannibal.

consider this a sign
I am alone in a long, long line

and even if you could feel alright
there's a reason you never could seize it
I won't make you anymore tired
I don't have the heart to say that
no, you won't ever reach me

it's always like before
I'm trying hard not to try so hard


Getting Sunday balance with Sara Tavares. Bom dia. Bom feeling.

somos livres para celebrar
somos livres para nos libertar
como crianças brincando
crianças sorrindo
crianças sendo crianças...

Thursday, 6 September 2012

morning lights

Quieting the echoes of the day. Waiting for morning lights to come.

I stand in the day for my feeling to rise
all my life
but you never be in love
but you never be in love
no lies in wait

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

a good (night) song from Poor Moon

into blessed nothingness

Dizzy with light, we dipped into that enormous book of holidays, its pages blazing with sunshine and scented with the sweet melting pulp of golden pears. Bruno Schulz

Please meet the director of the video Maxime Loisel. Montag's Phares is out now.

Tak wędrowaliśmy z matką przez dwie słoneczne strony rynku, wodząc nasze załamane cienie po wszystkich domach, jak po klawiszach. Kwadraty bruku mijały powoli pod naszymi miękkimi i plaskimi krokami - jedne bladoróżowe, jak skóra ludzka, inne złote i sine, wszystkie płaskie, ciepłe, aksamitne na słońcu, jak jakieś twarze słoneczne, zadeptane stopami aż do niepoznaki, do błogiej nicości. Bruno Schulz, August

Thus my mother and I ambled along the two sunny sides of Market Square, guiding our broken shadows along the houses as over a keyboard. Under our soft steps the squares of the paving stones slowly filed past - some the pale pink of human skin, some golden, some blue-grey, all flat, warm and velvety in the sun, like sun-dials, trodden to the point of obliteration, into blessed nothingness. (for the translation of the whole chapter click here)

autumn apples

First apples of the autumn season have just turned into a delicious jam to be shared with those kind souls that are around. Autumn? So soon? I dream of white, white pavements and skies. Scorching white. Insane. Insanely beautiful. Efterklang's Apples. Shared. Cold? No. Geometrical. Spacious. Endless.

Please meet the authors of the artwork Hvass & Hannibal.

the more you take to yourself
the more you're taking away

Monday, 3 September 2012

blue Monday

This melancholy London - I sometimes imagine that the souls of the lost are compelled to walk through its streets perpetually. One feels them passing like a whiff of air.
William Butler Yeats

That crazed girl improvising her music. 
Her poetry, dancing upon the shore,
Her soul in division from itself
Climbing, falling She knew not where,
Hiding amid the cargo of a steamship,
Her knee-cap broken, that girl I declare
A beautiful lofty thing, or a thing
Heroically lost, heroically found.

No matter what disaster occurred
She stood in desperate music wound,
Wound, wound, and she made in her triumph
Where the bales and the baskets lay
No common intelligible sound
But sang, 'O sea-starved, hungry sea.' 
William Butler Yeats, A crazed girl

Sunday, 2 September 2012

take a little walk

This weekend was all about making impossible possible. Dancing tango to Nick Cave? You name it, you have it! It's all about walking anyway. And good people. What a thrill!

take a little walk to the edge of town go across the tracks
where the viaduct looms like a bird of doom as it shifts and cracks

Saturday, 1 September 2012

keeping things fresh

A glimpse into Marcus Miller's working with his band: If the rehearsal starts to sound too good, I stop it 'cause I'd rather discover that it's good on the stage in front of people.

There is a few types of music that I love, I grew up with and I speak as a primary language: funk and what people call jazz.