Wednesday, 31 December 2014

é tanta luz aqui | claridade

Good vibes. Good People. A little bit on hiatus in here. But so much present out there. Out there. The most good vibes moment of the year: meeting Aline Frazão and her fantastic band. Clarity.

Please meet people behind the video: Geração 80.

é tanta luz aqui
que até parece claridade 

é tanto amigo aqui
que até parece que é verdade

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

until someone dares us to rise up

Another good vision from Erika Ochoa. Blended with the sounds of Why?

Farrah Marie, what is this?
Have a very merry Christmas
And bury me deep in this mess
I'll be under where you walk

I'm just like everybody else is
and everybody else is a fine dust,
Dead in our houses,
until someone dares us to rise up