Monday, 31 December 2012

the year in 360°

Hypnotic. Cinematic. Great. In the city. That's what this year was about and this is the soundtrack to this: the song of the 2012 by Sam Sure & Giacomo. Good. Blend. Good. Year.

Please meet the director of the video Richard Nockles and have a look at the production company Yellow Bird. For the interactive Dark Inside video visit the band's website.

I need something, anything, someone 

under their reign

The best things are those unexpected. And when I think about all the concerts of this year, the most memorable, with the smallest yet the most devoted audience, in the coldest yet the cosiest venue and a good friend by my side paying an unexpected visit, was the one of Café de Abejas: a band to watch in 2013. Witty and sharp. Let's be faithful to them, in a real way. 

The video was directed by Laura Reunanen and Juha Reunanen.

do not resort to stronger wine, my love
under my reign superbly you shall bloom (...)
the orbits do their dance, and here we are
the music stops, the dawn is gray again
insufferably close
insufferably far
i never was so hungry for the pain
(...) so marry and make merry as you please
be faithful in your fashion, your design

Sunday, 30 December 2012

dreaming of june

So speaking of good concert vibes: Big Wave Riders are truly a pure joy to watch on stage.

The video was directed by Teppo Meriläinen of the band.

dreaming of june
(...) take all the pent up shame
(...) blend in

hazy flow | delay trees

The Emma Gaala Nominations (Finnish music industry awards) were announced some weeks ago and I was pleased to see the work of Sami Korhonen for the best artwork. Combined with the hazy flow of Delay Trees' guitars and vocals, it's a perfect way to tame this winter. It was also good to see the band live last week playing together with their Soliti colleagues Big Wave Riders. Good. Vibes.

Please meet the director of the video Sami Korhonen and see more works of cAPS LOCK HELSINKI                                       there’s no one strong enough to break my heart

broen | bridge

That's my bridge to the waking-up state and overcoming the dizziness of this foggy outside world. With Broen it's just so much easier. Read more about Broen here. And here we have a sniff of Norwegian vocab as well: broen | bridge. Strong and beautiful.

a good (night) tune from Virta

I flow away with Virta tonight and so should all of you. Good. Tune. Good. Night.

Tales from the Deep Waters available via Tourist Information.
Please see works of Tero Ahonen here.

Monday, 17 December 2012


Jazzmatazz is all that matters these days with Guru's albums on repeat all days long.

negativity is a chronic disease
but I'm like the cure, causin' infections to freeze
I'm not gonna let up, until you get the picture

my sound gets around so you know I'm always with ya
feel the music

Sunday, 16 December 2012

take your seats

That's a blend of a brilliant quality: DJ Premier and Nas with Berklee Symphony Orchestra.

To learn more about the RE.GENERATION project click here. For the whole movie click here.

Monday, 10 December 2012

rearrange your philosophies

Musicians teach no nonsense, I tell you. You can learn a lot from Asa and no wonder that musically she blends things like a pro. But that's what happens when you've been exposed to such artists as Marvin Gaye, Bob Marley, Aretha Franklin, Ebenezer Obey, Sunny Adé, Fela Kuti, Lagbaja... The list just keeps going on and couldn't get more positive. Well, after all: Nigeria is the happiest place on earth. So as a Yoruba saying goes: Jimoh to ma l'oyin, Alamisi le yan ma ti mo, which roughly translates as: "If a Friday is to be sweet, you'll know by Thursday." I always knew that there is something special about that day :) Good. Night.

you suppress all my strategies
you oppress every part of me 
what you don't know, you're a victim too
mr jailer

if you walking in a market place
don't throw stones
even if you do you just might hit one of your own
life is not about your policies all the time
so you better rearrange your philosophies and
be good to your fellow man jailer

Saturday, 8 December 2012

honest talk

Had a great great talk today. And then another great one. And on top of that got a hint about Jarle Bernhoft: a Norwegian treasure. All that honest! Really. Honest. Good. Night.

The video was shot by Hans Fredrik Asbjørnsen and Fridtjof Nilsen.

Friday, 7 December 2012

I was a good boy

Finally managed to see Mirel Wagner. She was beyond good. Good. Night.

Please meet the directors of the video Grandson and Son from The Field.

I'm going to wash my sins away
an angel told me so
when they find me in the river
tell my mother I was a good boy

Thursday, 6 December 2012

vast blue moon

55th Grammy Awards Nominees were announced. Among them one for the Best Jazz Instrumental Album goes to Ahmad Jamal and his Blue Moon where he is surrounded by Herlin Riley, Manolo Badrena, and Reginald Veal. It's pretty much cosmic and vast.

yellow vibes

As some quite inappropriately massive amounts of snow are piling up in the outside world, some yellow vibes should be appropriate enough in the inside world today. Good. Morning.

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

my attitude is Hitchcock | very scary

Stepped fully today into the colourfully black and white Chilly Gonzales's Solo Piano II. Well, it's much about piano today. Therefore a good vibe kick into the ivory tower is needed to end this day. Good. Night.

Please meet the director of the video Jonathan Barré.

(...) my attitude is Hitchcock, very scary
persistence, instincts,
go the distance, prove my existence

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

spirit | motive | circumstance

The video was directed by Jamie-James Medina & Yusuf Pirhasan. Please see more works of Jamie-James Medina here (make sure to check also other stuff from Forever Pictures).

if you see me running through some streets in life
baby it’s alright, don’t even pay me no mind
I’m just looking for, for my yesterday

Monday, 3 December 2012

in a blender

Still haven't unpacked musically from my London trip. Remembering the moments of Ginger Baker's concert from last Wednesday in Jazz Cafe in Camden. Having a massive blend of all the sounds in my head now. And I mean: massive. Please hear the memories of Soweto Kinch playing in Camden and ... not only.

The video 'Help' featuring Jason McDougall was created by Soopanatural Productions.

Sunday, 2 December 2012

other visions of London

Back from London. Differently. Non-indifferently. Make sure to take this walk along The Thames. To see the whole project by The Space please click here.

(...) he stands gloriously still on the banks of The Thames knowing that he can't help but love this city that has effectively rejected him and his kind.