About this blog

There is a certain buzz in all laundry rooms all over the world. It's a comforting and hypnotic sound which allows you to drift away into your own imaginary world. The same buzz can be heard during the first seconds of Graham Coxon's song "Oochy Woochy" from his album "The Golden D". I found out about this song through a friend of mine (thank you Dobrusia!) who, as a matter of fact, was born on the same day as I was (which is 15th November, mark in your calendar :)).

"Oochy Woochy" is an adorable song that revolves around four "words" only: oochy woochy, yeah baby! It's brilliant and unpretentious. Well, some may think it's far from that, but I don't. In fact, I like it so much that it gave a name for this blog.

But not just this blog. The whole Oochy Woochy Studio concept has been present in my life for about 10 years now. It's a song collecting project. Nothing unique but during all this time I have been doing it with joy and passion. Blending songs. Collecting them. Compiling them into lists, tapes (yes, tapes!), Cd's. And most importantly sharing them with friends. The other day encouraged by a dear friend (thank you Barbara!) and given a bit of technical insight (thank you Diana!) an idea of this blog emerged.

I wrote first posts in March 2011 and ever since the blog has been shaping its form. After quite fruitful  spring 2012 and some good words from a friend (thank you Phil!), I found it appropriate to write a welcoming note and reveal the behind-scenes of this blog.

It is not a music review blog (well, sometimes). It's more of a music diary of sounds that accompany me during my everyday life. And as in a laundry room happens, things are sometimes full of colours, sometimes they are all in black or white. I use bleach or stain remover and both hot and cold water. I always aim for a clean and smooth effect. Aren't we all, right?

The blog features names of some songs from Blur's album "Think Tank". I have a very personal connection with this album as the review I wrote on it won a competition on Polish Radio Channel 3 (yes, I will brag about it here quite openly: I got a T-shirt for that :)). It also allowed me to write a few more reviews for a student magazine I worked for a while.

Ironically Think Tank was the album during the production of which Blur's and Coxon's ways parted. Whether they like it or not, here they are brought together again (but I guess not in a harmful way :)). Please have a listen on Blur's albums here. For Graham Coxon's albums look here and find out about his other artistic projects; Graham also paints, yeah :). Speaking of painting: make sure to check out works of a friend of mine Dalaiama. See also works of Pan Kracy (to whom I owe my profile photo).

That would be it. Lovely. I am writing this in London on my last day of my long deserved holidays. Sipping hot chocolate. It is raining outside. But it's gorgeous anyway.

Enjoy your day and all the sounds that surround you :)

London, 5th May 2012


  1. Anna, you are amazing.
    Keep on doing your amazing job providing us with such a good taste, quality, good vibes and mostly passion. You know that you are my "private" DJ. I feel so flattered and really lucky to be one of the ones who enjoy from your blog in an almost daily basis. Thank you so very much.
    Always yours,

    1. Thank you so much Barbara!

    2. And a good song for you! :)