Tuesday, 28 February 2012

in her musical way

It was simply ridiculous. The height of snowdrifts in the city was almost impossible to get through today. Plus the wind. Oh, joy. Well, in fact it was a jolly evening (even though I got a bit of a sinking feeling due to the works of  Elina Merenmies I went to see). Luckily all that was in a good company and ended in lovely Arkadia Bookshop with a witty concert of Catself that brought somehow Julia Marcell to my mind. For more music of Catself click here.

I'll be left with my wit that can hurt

Monday, 27 February 2012

don't let your blood run cold

A fresh start of a new week. Fresh? Indeed. Even though the reminiscences of David Bowie are somehow echoing here in a pretty inextricable way. But that's never bad I suppose. Infatuated with their True Romance, my ears are pleased to hear yet another good tune from Citizens!. This time with an appropriate chorus for taming winter effects: don't let your blood run cold. Oh yes. Reptile is to be released fashionably by Kitsuné, a quality label from Paris. Posh. Yep. Voilà!

Meet the director of the video Thibault Dumoulin.

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

brought to The Beta Band senses

I guess I suffer from a British sounds fever. Well, it's not a state of delirium but it's progressing pretty fast. I shall book a ticket to London right away :). It's just so easy and enjoyable to get infected with all these sounds. Django Django sweetly worsens the situation by a few more degrees. I really have a déjà vu feeling while listening to Default. Just as if I was brought years back when I discoverd The Beta Band.

Video credits goes to Dan Brereton & David Maclean and producers from Partizan.